Designs for Health has created a new portal with new features that you should be aware of. After you click on the icon, you will be taken to a signup page, where you will need to re-register your email address, name and a password, even though you had an account here before. You can use your previous password, if you used the old portal.  Once you click on “create” and you will be inside the store ready to shop.

When you put a product in the search box to find it on the site, be sure to put in its’ exact name or it will not come up. You may find it easier to scroll through all the pages in the store to find your products, rather than use the search feature, until I customize this page with a list of products that I use with my clients. This will be my own A to Z product list.  The tech department is currently working out a few issues with the search feature so please be patient.

The nicest feature of the new portal is free shipping for any amount of product ordered any time. Now you don’t have to wait till all your product stock is used up to order the one supplement you ran out of a week ago. Just order it and there will be free shipping.


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