SynapseBorg believes in a holistic approach to psychological and emotional well being. She believes that the brain is connected to the body, and what happens in the body’s biochemical pathways affects behavior and mood.

Perhaps you can relate to this:  You’ve invested 2 years in psychotherapy, talking about your problems in living; problems with your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, kids, job/co-workers, stress, in-laws, siblings, or health issues. Perhaps you’re taking one of the popular SSRIs for depression and anxiety: Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa to help deal with these problems.

Somehow, though, you feel just about the same, continue to struggle in life, plus some added side-effects from the drugs. Do you have a Prozac deficiency or is something else going on?  Is this your profile?: You are slowly gaining weight, you are considering a sleep medication in addition to the other drugs, you have constant and various digestive complaints, and you are more tired than you ever remember feeling.

If your therapy is working so well, why are you feeling this bad? Why aren’t you coping very well? Why don’t you feel happier considering what a “good” life you have?.  Maybe you need to explore and address other parts of yourself that are contributing to pain, fatigue, negative moods and an all around experience of chronic stress.

You want to feel better, but what you are doing now and have done in the past hasn’t helped. Unlike traditional cognitive-behavioral talk therapy, Dr. Borg can help you find the causes for the lack of pleasure and joy in life and the long list of bodily functional complaints that the medical experts say is “all in you head”, meaning: you are neurotic and emotionally messed up, and need a psychiatrist/psychologist. This applies often to women diagnosed by male physicians. Did you know that a slow thyroid, called hypothyroidism, mimics symptom by symptom the same symptoms as depression? Women get this condition 4:1 more than men. All the therapy in the world won’t help if this is your problem, yet millions of women are walking around with this condition undiagnosed and suffering in countless ways.

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, Dr. Borg will help you explore ALL of you: body/brain chemistry, and nutritional imbalances, emotional and mental unconscious self sabotage, as well as practical tools and resources to help you solve specific problems in life rather than just talking about these problems. When you feel good physically, you are much more able to deal well with other people, job stress, life events,  and events beyond your control.

Health problems and pain become their own independent stressors in your life, consuming all your energy and sometimes all your money, leaving you without the freedom to live your life the way you wish. Why not get well physiologically to feel well mentally and emotionally? Do you really think there is a division between body and mind?  This is how my practice is different.  My kind of psychotherapy, version 2.0 is an adventure in self-discovery. You just may end of feeling so good on all levels of body and mind that all those goals and dreams you have for your life can indeed come true. Call or email now to get started on a mental health program that work for life.




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