Flush urinary tract and bladder for 1 week at the first sign of an acute bladder infection.

You will need: 1-2 bottles of unsweetened cranberry concentrate (health food store), 1 bottle of UT Intensive (Designs for Health), 1 container of powdered ascorbate acid/Vit C plain (health food store).

In 3-4 qts. of pure water, mix 4 oz. cranberry concentrate, 3,000 mg ascorbate Vit C powder (acidifies the urine),  and drink throughout the day until gone. With this, chew 2-3 UT Intensive tablets in split doses throughout the day to draw out and destroy the E. Coli bacteria and other bacteria from the bladder and bladder wall.

For chronic infections and/or chronic cystitis, keep the urine stream strong and stay on 2 UT Intensives per day for 1-3 months or longer. This will draw out embedded bacteria from the bladder wall that causes inflammation and bladder spasms/pain.

After treatment, be sure and drink plenty of water daily to keep a good urine stream going as prevention in the future. Maintain for prevention 2 UT Synergy capsules a day. These bacteria are always present and flushing them out is the best policy.



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