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Dr. Borg is a certified First Line Therapy Practitioner which means she takes a comprehensive, functional approach to fat loss, lean muscle activation, exercise, sleep and weight management.

Weight loss is a misnomer. What people really need are evidence based methods to lose body fat, increase lean muscle tissue, bone and connective tissue, and enhance their fundamental health
for life.

Maybe you can relate to this typical profile of someone that is “weight loss resistant”:

She/he, but more often, a “she” is around age 45, but increasingly I am seeing younger and younger women with this problem.  She is typically beginning to go into perimenopause—her progesterone is dropping in relationship to her estrogen and strange symptoms are developing: mood changes; ie, she is becoming a real grouch and some people have labeled her “a bitch”.  She is getting heavier periods, weight gain that she can’t lose, especially around the middle of her body, increased aches and pains she didn’t have 10 years ago, and sleep changes and disorders.

She feels constantly “stressed” and blames this on her job, her husband and family stresses, but these may be mostly lifestyle and physically caused problems. She feels guilty not coping as well as she thinks she should,  and now is seeing a psychotherapist for her emotional issues. She has just been issued an anti-depressant for her mood disorder. No one is looking for biochemical imbalances, food intolerances, poor diet, impaired detoxification ability, pathogenic bacteria in the intestines, and hormone imbalances, including cortisol, which can get seriously imbalanced with life stressors. She keeps gaining weight, and the new drug can be contributing to this.

Overeating is not the cause, most of the time, to overweight and obesity. Causes are multiple and have to be found, using personalized functional testing and assessment.  Weight issues today are mostly environmental and are about diet, toxins, and stress.

How can you, or a person similar to this person break the downward spiral into obesity, sleep disorders, multi-drug dependency to manage symptoms and finally diagnosed disease: heart attack, cancer, degenerative arthritis, gallbladder removal, multiple sclerosis or another strange auto-immune disease, etc.

There are answers to the above. 80% of disease is lifestyle induced; maybe 90%.  In my practice, I help you find the underlying causes for weight loss resistance and correct them. Applied properly and for life, you will never have a weight problem again. How would it feel to be completely free of the burden of creeping obesity and the health problems and premature mortality that go with this?  Most people are living longer lives and want that longer life to be mobile, energetic and free of disability and nursing homes. This goal is obtainable, but the younger you start, the longer are your healthy years of freedom and choices.  Call today to see how my 5 Step Lifestyle Program can help you obtain your weight goals for life.



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